Ideias Dinâmicas Group present at Angotic 2019, which runs from June 18 to 20, at the CCTA – Talatona Convention Center.

This global event of information and communication technology aims to promote knowledge sharing and be a networking hub for emerging government entities, industry players and mobile service providers, with the presence of individuals and leaders in the public and private sector of the country and abroad.

Once again, the Dynamic Ideas Group is present at this important event, this year as one of the main sponsors, in a commitment aligned with the investment in Africa and in particular in Angola.

The event was inaugurated today by His Excellency the Vice-President of the Republic of Angola, Dr. Bornito de Sousa Baltazar Diogo, in a solemn session where he highlighted the importance of investment in the ICT sector by companies, namely public companies.

In his speech, the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Mr. José Carvalho da Rocha, also stressed the importance of IT in the quality of public services and highlighted the role of this area in the leverage of businesses in the different sectors, namely agriculture and health, which are part of the strategy of diversification of the economy.

Highlighting also in the area of ​​technologies, the Ideias Dinâmicas Group presents its vast portfolio of solutions. In addition to SAP solutions, a worldwide reference of who we are Gold Partner, we highlight our own software, developed in house. UNIG, AGT-certified management software, and B.Education, Management Software for Higher Education, developed in Angola, as well as other solutions such as CSS, KLIMS, KHIS and Water Wise System.

As it should be, certified training and consulting and services are also focused on this great moment of information and communication technologies in Angola.

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