Marking the start of a new phase, the Portuguese Prime Minister, Dr. António Costa said that the turbulence in relations between the two countries is past, with both parties initiating a new strategic cooperation agreement.

On the first day of the official visit of Dr. António Costa to Angola, a meeting was held at the Epic Sana Congress Center with Portuguese businessmen with investments in the Angolan market. In this nucleus the Ideias Dinâmicas group was representative, and illustrious guest, of the companies with relevant performance in this market.

In an economic oriented speech, he strengthened confidence in the future and, quoting the Portuguese Prime Minister, “this new phase goes beyond the strategic program for cooperation (2018/2022) in the traditional fields of health and education” It also extends to areas of cooperation and sovereignty such as defense, police technical cooperation or tax administration. “This strengthening of bilateral relations is an evident sign of the fortification of relations and with great prospects” to deepen over the next few years . ” – according to the leader of the Portuguese executive.

This sign of confidence aims to deepen economic relations between both countries and has announced the increase of the “export support credit line from the current 1,000 to 1,500 million euros. This extended and renewed credit line is a very important signal of the will of both countries to continue to strengthen their economic relations. “

Another important point in this visit was the signing to put an end to a practice that businessmen have always considered unfair and harmful to their activity – double taxation.

The end of this measure, long discussed, is another clear sign of the normalization of relations between Portugal and Angola.

Finally, the possibility of a visa waiver agreement is still premature. With Portugal belonging, like most European countries, to the Schengen area, it does not have the autonomy to exercise reciprocity. In the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs – “We can not have a disadvantage for Angolan citizens. We exempt those who can exempt us. And the countries of the European Union, which are part of the Schengen, do not have this capacity. “, However,” but we are finding ways to facilitate visas so that there are no obstacles. ”

The meeting concluded with a direct contact between the portuguese Prime Minister, Dr. António Costa and the businessmen present, where he learned about the different areas of activity of the different scenarios, difficulties and successes obtained in this growing and solidifying market.

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