The ITGEST Training Centre in Hillcrest was officially inaugurated by the Honorable MEC for Finance – Mr Ravi Pillay, on Friday, 26 th July 2019.

The ITGEST SA Training Centre offers state-of-the-art digital training facilities, expert trainers and training programmes based on international best practice which are tailored to
meet local requirements, adopting a multipronged approach to training. Training offerings include SAP Solutions, Vocational Training Courses, Specialist Technical Training and Executive Training. It is the only accredited SAP Training Centre in KwaZulu-Natal.

The initiative was borne out of a partnership between Morar Incorporated, a national firm of Chartered Accountants and ITGEST, a Portuguese Company operating in Europe, Africa and South America.

Attending the opening, was the leadership of Morar Incorporated, ITGEST Portugal, and leaders from the private and public sectors.

In his keynote address, the MEC reiterated governments seven bold priorities, with the importance of Education and Skills in addressing Economic Transformation and Job Creation.

Key challenges facing South Africa was the high unemployment rate amongst the youth with tertiary qualifications, due to the lack of vocational skills.

The MEC further stated that the 4 th Industrial Revolution presented challenges and opportunities for South Africa, stressing the need to “train, untrain and retrain”. Within this context, the MEC challenged ITGEST to target the youth for reskilling.

In taking up the MEC’s challenge to reskill the youth, the founders offered free accredited training to 20 youth selected by the MEC.

Other presenters showcased the state-of-art digital technologies that will underpin the training facility and its programmes.

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