Areas of Practice

We ensure solid platforms for launching new business projects considering the degree of innovation as a differentiating factor.

It is made up of a team with certified skills in the areas of activity, evaluating new business opportunities and creating conditions for different entrepreneurs to develop and formalize their ideas and projects.

Information Technologies

Grupo Ideias Dinâmicas presents in its portfolio of activities in the areas of information technology, a set of companies that provide specialized services.

Rehabilitation and Construction

Ideias Dinâmicas Group has qualified professionals for developing rehabilitation and construction projects, integrating teams of architects and engineers with experience in urban rehabilitation and work follow-up.

Information Technologies

Ideias Dinâmicas Group has in its activities portfolio in this area of expertise, a group of companies which offer specialized services.

Technological Solutions

Infrastructures Solutions

Consulting And Audit

With a sustained strategy for the Utilities market and responding to challenges, Ideias Dinâmicas Group has a vast portfolio.

Implementation of SAP S / 4 HANA, Enterprise Management solution in Energy and Water customers (+ 1.5 million delivery points) integrated with SAP IS-U vertical solution

Simplified user interface for the first line of business processes (Customer Smart Service)

Analytical Solutions Business Objects (SAP BI / BO)

Omni channel with customers through SAP MCF – Multi Channel Foundation for Utilities (Portal, App, Contact Center and social networks)

Implementation of SMS360 service – propagation of relevant information by SMS

Employees Management, with SAP RH solutions: SAP Success Factors and HR Renewal portals


Infrastructures are an essential component of any information systems solution. Whether on premises, in the cloud or hybrid, Ideias Dinâmicas Group has competencies for designing, implementing and maintaining IT and Communications infrastructures. The Group operates three Datacenters located in Portugal, Angola and India that can support customers in the development, test and production phases.

Technical floor location, intrusion systems and biometric access control, fire protection, digital alarm, temperature control, remotely

Data security controlled by access to the infrastructure, filtering and detecting intrusion and attack cases, and network traffic detailed reports.

Supported virtualization technology scenarios with clustered solutions and replication capabilities planned for a remote disaster recovery site.

Regular system and applications monitoring ensure their operation.


Ideias Dinâmicas Group has teams with the knowledge and the experience to design and implement integrated management systems capable of responding to multiple requirements of good practices, standards, laws and regulations.

This will reduce the impact of change management in organizations, both in processes and work practices with higher adoption levels and adherence. The use of design thinking and knowledge transfer techniques allow to promote the processes and control sustainability.

IT Audit, information systems Strategic planning.

Good governance, risk and compliance practices. IT alignment with business.

Technology acquisition process Management.

IT Service Management, Information Security Management, Data Protection and Innovation Management.

Global advisory and strategic support and asset life cycle management programs.


Health Care And Social Care

Quality Labs

Certified Training Centers

Kentra Technologies is part of Ideias Dinâmicas Group and it’s a health care provider solutions developer, for social support and City Councils. It holds specialized consulting skills in management and optimization processes in health units. It is one of the developing team of “SOCIAL – Social Cooperation for Integrated Assisted Living” project.

This project aims to provide an ecosystem to unite users needs, formal and informal caregivers, volunteers and caregivers
articulated with Municipalities. active aging programs and IPSS SAD – Domiciliary Support Services. It intends to be a contribution to define the concept of ESR-Electronic Social Record as an essential register of knowledge of the social dimension of citizens.

KHIS is a HIS-Health Information System solution capable of supporting all management administrative and clinical tools for Hospitals and Clinics. Crosscut clinical process, with a graphical interface adapted to different professional profiles, management indicators, billing and integration with other industry standards applications (HL7).


Pryog is a Ideias Dinâmicas Group company dedicated to the research, development, implementation and marketing of specific software solutions for management and lab quality. It identifies itself as a technological company supported in the knowledge and with wide experience in information integrated systems.

Pryog develops, implements and markets KLIMS-Laboratory Information Management System, a software product that responds effectively and rigorously to the sample lifecycle management, from planning, collection, analysis and integration of analytical equipment to automation of the laboratory processes and the provision of results in the client portal. The use of KLIMS smooths the process of compliance and certification in line with the requirements of ISO17025 or ISO15189.

This product also includes QMS-Quality Management System features. Its versatility allows an adaptation to the reality and dimension of each laboratory offering the user an intuitive interface from several devices.


It’s a 10 year course that links SAP and ITGest. This partnership is the example and the result of a common effort, as a result of complementary synergies. SAP represents the knowledge and the portfolio and ITGest the dynamics, the methods and the skills. The breadth of the SAP portfolio combined with ITGest’s years of experience, practice and technical expertise in this area ensure a path of full formalized cooperation in a successful partnership.

ITGest Training Centers are characterized by quality facilities, providing resources supported by technologies that guarantee the needs for the training requirement linked to these certifications. The high standards of ITGest teams guarantee an excellence training offer in a constant commitment to share knowledge in practical context of the available portfolio. ITGest has certified training centers in several areas responding to the requirements demanded by the responsible organizations in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.

With several training actions, these centers provide short-term classroom training, e-academies, e-learning and b-learning, Virtual Live Classroom access, learning hub, oriented and adapted to users and their needs. The examinations to obtain certifications are carried out in our training centers and validated by the organizations involved.


Communication And Services

Ideias Dinâmicas services brings together a group of professionals with different abilities and competences that ensure all the transversal services to their different companies.

In this sense, the articulation of markets with the Group´s reality allows these interventions to be a contribution of value through the sharing of experiences between the best practices of its internal actions and the performance in the external universe. Its areas of intervention include:

Financial and Human Resources Consulting

Quality Management and Organization Consulting

Communication and Marketing

The professionals working in this area enable us to assess needs and create the ideal conditions for entrepreneurs to develop and implement business ideas, ensuring a solid platform for launching business solutions in different sectors of activity.

Evaluating, identifying and developing an ecosystem conducive to the management and support of business development, supported by the knowledge of local realities and customer priorities, are fundamental to consolidate an idea and the success of a project.

HR tools play a differentiating role in organizations’ decision making. Providing tools and methodologies for decision making to be easier and the goals to be real and achievable.


Commitment and competence are the basis of an organizational culture in a business structure. The availability and adaptability of its human capital are the main premises for success. Quality and demand for innovation are a central concern in all business activities and projects.

We understand that the way to achieve recognition and excellence in business areas and markets, requires companies to seek a constant model of improvement for their organizational structures, internal processes and available services.

Focus on innovation and human capital, promote innovative profiles and differentiating business models, as well as the developing of new strategic areas. More autonomy in the decision making, in time, and the orientation to results allows the consolidation of trust in clients but also, value and reinforce competences.


Brands aspire to a concrete dimension and ambition. Today, playing a major role in consumers life has proved its importance. The ones who are related to them and who are willing to value them know how to value them. The challenge is to be able to relate the brand to them, respecting the principle of individuality of each one.

A brand is not an unique idea; it is rather an immense multiplicity of ideas organized in a one way. For this, it is necessary to separate the brand material, its communication / advertising / promotion. It is necessary to observe the brand work of campaigns or their products. A brand has to be viable by itself. To that extent, it will be as strong as its launch and its communication support.

A Brand strength begins by measuring itself in the robustness of its foundations, guaranteeing a better infrastructure with its customers. In addition to these two aspects, there is still a third that is attached to the principle. Hence, its growth is only possible in the midst of long-lasting and intangible relations.


Rehabilitation And Construction

Ideias Dinâmicas Group has qualified professionals for developing rehabilitation and construction projects, integrating teams of architects and engineers with experience in urban rehabilitation and work follow-up.

Its quality certification requires management and control methods that favour the improvement of construction processes and execution of work. Aware of the latest developments in the market, this team works with the best solutions for sustainable construction and low energy consumption using technology and home automation in order to reinforce house comfort.

Construction Management

Architectural and Engineering Projects

Construction Monitoring

Execution of Work

Home Automation Projects


Home Facilities


ID Universe

The ID Group has determined its growth strategy focused on markets located in Europe and Africa, with special importance in Portuguese-speaking countries.

More recently, in India to capture talent for its international projects.






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